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A little while ago started looking in AR (Augmented reality not accounts receivable for all you bean counters) specifically for AEC applications and the best you could hope for was a non georeferenced tablet or phone that utilizes the camera and digital data at the same time or a very cumbersome backpack with a hardhat and gps locator glued to the top that would link to a pc.

This looks WAY better… please Microsoft… don’t let this suck!


This is something i have been waiting for, a point cloud tool that registers and extracts data as geometry? awesome. One this that frustrates me is that we have a lot of point cloud tool that do one thing really well apposed to one well rounded tool. Don’t get me wrong when it comes to Revit and VirtuSurv (Kubit) leaves a lot to be desired but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

“adding auto-extraction capabilities makes the functionality of FARO’s SCENE software more competitive with other leading point cloud processing solutions” -SPAR Point Group staff

Don’t be fooled, Auto-extraction is a very abused term these days, makes sure you know the difference between manual, semi-automated and automatic data extraction; the difference is huge… sounds like another blog post….

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Trimble and Frank Gehry have recently announced their plans to enter into a strategic alliance in which Trimble will acquire Gehry Technologies to integrate digital software development and on-site fabrication techniques. As a company working in ‘geospatial solutions,’ Trimble combines software development, communication tools and services to increase productivity in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, among others. The two companies hope that their alliance will enable complex architectural designs to be realized without the construction snags that often affect such ambitious projects.

More on the merger after the break

Gehry’s software and consulting business was established in 2002 and developed out of the firm’s efforts to adapt technology from the aerospace and automotive industries for their applications in complex architectural projects. In addition to assisting in projects developed by Gehry Partners, Gehry Technologies has provided services for numerous other projects including the Beijing National Stadium (Herzog & de Meuron) and the Louvre Abu Dhabi (Ateliers Jean Nouvel).

“This merger is a dream for me,” said Frank Gehry. “In Trimble, we find a partner who has like-minded ambitions and goals to create efficiencies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry that allow the creativity of the architectural profession to flourish and deliver value-added creative solutions within the realities of our economic times.”

By working in a shared digital environment to collaborate across disciplines, Gehry Technologies has been able to realize unprecedented designs while maintaining careful control over budgets, schedules and quality. The digital consulting services provided by Gehry Technologies will be enhanced by Trimble’s technological expertise in the field to allow designers, builders and operators to collaborate more efficiently.

“We are honored to enter into an association with Frank,” added president and CEO of Trimble Steven W. Berglund. “His unique architectural vision has always challenged the conventional. Equally impactful are his views on the potential for transforming the entire design-build-operate continuum. Gehry Technologies has been key in allowing Frank to realize the potential of his designs without compromising cost or schedule.”


BIM Fakers and Rapers

Through out my 18 years in the industry I have never seen an idea and or process that is more, for lack of a better term, business raped than BIM. BIM is now morphed into a buzz work that people love or hate.  There are people that care about changing the OAEC industry to become more capable and efficient, to build better buildings. And then there are others that just care about short money generating activities who play off peoples lack of education or understanding. These people have no vested interest in seeing BIM succeed and in the end, hurt BIM, and its industry acceptance. 

You would think it would be repetitively easy to determine if a person was committed to collaboration and BIM, however it can be harder than you think, here are some markers of a dedicated advocates of BIM, IPD, and collaboration: 


  1. How many years has this person bin in the BIM field… fakes don’t last to long.
  2. Are they passionate about making things better?
  3. What did they study in post secondary? if you have an MBA and are pushing BIM… well enough said.
  4. Embrace technology.
  5. Are open to new ideas and unbiased
  6. Collaborative

In the end if you are hiring an consultant, an employee or thinking of joining a user group just sit down with that person or persons and chat with them to find out want their intentions are…do they want just sell you something or help you or you company grow and become better. You don’t need to be an BIM expert to figure that out.

Project Tango… oh wow

On the fly digital mapping with a phone??

An augmented reality solution for visualizing the job site. The next generation in technology for the construction industry.

SmartReality is our view of what can happen when Augmented Reality and Construction Technology come together. It’s going to enable the fusion of BIM models and paper plans to facilitate incredible levels of collaboration in the field and office.

I have use a lot of software to “extrapolate” data out of 3d point clouds to help create 3d models and most of these programs do a borderline exceptable job. Typically speaking if you get a computer to do your thinking for you then the out come is pretty crappy. Things are different with Clearedge3D’s Edgewise. I used this standalone software that flows seamlessly into Revit and got great results… it just works. Edgewise finds all the elements, with in a point cloud, and models so you don’t have to. this software would save me months of modeling if I had know of it then. Edgewise comes in 3 flavors of software: By far the most mature piece of software, is called plant. (For pliping needs), Building, ( A beta release for walls widows, etc) and Revit Plugin to import from Edgewise directly into Revit.
Must have software if you have a point cloud scanner.

Building Construction??… just print it!

Another step closer to the Star Trek replicator!

Building owners now have another tool to help them determined building performance. This software will allow for better designs and enhance building life-cycles.

Owners / Developers…. Start demanding BIM models! You have the most to gain from them.

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